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Mother with 3 children Faces Deportation

August 31, 2015

Our client from El Salvador crossed the border without documents through Phoenix Arizona in 1992 and has lived in the United States ever since.

She has 3 children born in the US. The middle child was born with Down Syndrome, and suffers from delayed physical development and learning disabilities. She was born with heart complications which required surgery 2 months after birth. She continues to suffer from persistent asthma and hypertension.

The mother has been instrumental in caring for the child. If she were deported, it would impose a severe hardship on the child. If the child remained in the US, there would be no one that could replace her mother in the personal care that she needed. If the child were to accompany the mother to El Salvador, we argued that she would not have access to the medical care and medications that she needs.

At our Individual Hearing, we successfully argued our position and the government conceded their case, and the judge granted us the cancellation of removal.

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