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Carmen Rodriguez


Carmen has been with the firm since 2005, embarking on her professional journey, first as a file clerk, and now, as a Paralegal handling labor certification applications, immigrant workers’ petitions, work authorizations and adjustment or greencard applications.

She has learned through the years, polishing her skills even more, by lending clerical, administrative and paralegal assistance to her supervisor and attorneys, specifically in all aspects related to employment petitions. She is well liked by clients, methodical and trusted. She hopes to reach greater heights, by widening her scope of duties, which now includes the more sophisticated, diagnostic methods of FBI checks, FOIAs and court dispositions.

With an array of skills ranging from clerical and documentation, to processing employment related petitions, greencard applications, and other more complex processes, Carmen has proven to be a great asset to the Firm.

visa lawyer Vineland, NJ
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