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Ramon Razid M. Salvador


Having been raised in the Philippines for most of his life, Razid arrived in the US as a teen and later earned a Bachelor’s in psychology and a Master’s in mental health counseling driven with a humanitarian career in mind. 

Growing up in an environment that valued community and cooperation, Razid nurtured a passion for the caring fields. For several years, he worked in the management of shelter houses for homeless youths. Outside of the office, he continues to work as a psychotherapist where he makes an active effort to help people from various walks of life deal with issues both internal and societal. Furthermore, he meets with colleagues in the field on a weekly basis practicing creativity and conflict resolution-based exercises where they promote both character and skill growth to quickly assess the proper tools and techniques necessary in resolving various situations. 

As a paralegal, Razid provides his experiences from behind the desk and from helping people face-to-face to best support his team in handling anything from the simplest to the most intricate of your concerns. 

Beyond work life, Razid is also an experienced self-defense instructor, a historical studies hobbyist, and an ardent animal-advocate. He is fluent in spoken English and Tagalog. 

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