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Immigration Lawyer in Georgetown, DEImmigration law covers more than just paper applications. It also protects the rights of an individual and an entire family from improper deportation proceedings or other unlawful government action. This area of law is particularly complex and often made more difficult due to language barriers and long delays from government offices. This can create great anxiety and uncertainty for a family, particularly given the current political climate surrounding immigration. While there are no requirements to hire an immigration lawyer to represent you when applying for a visa or green card, obtaining legal counsel can ensure paperwork is properly completed, prevent application delays, and ensure your rights are protected under the law. Here at the immigration law firm of MC Law Group, LLC in Georgetown, DE, we understand that the stakes are high when dealing with ICE and the US government. We offer individuals and their families zealous and affordable advocacy in almost every area of immigration law. We also offer FREE consultations to explain your legal rights and how we can help obtain the relief you are seeking. Learn how we can help you during a FREE consultation by dialing (215) 496-0690.

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Our immigration attorneys are well-versed in immigration law. We have the skill, resources, and knowledge necessary to help individuals and their families obtain the relief they are seeking. Some of the types of immigration cases we handle include the following:

Green Card Applications

Are you looking to become a permanent US citizen? Then you need to submit an application for a green card, also known as a permanent residence card. There are several different categories one can choose to apply for a green card, all with different proof requirements and steps in the process. Upon approval of the application and completion of the conditional period, an applicant can receive permanent permission to live and work in the United States as a naturalized citizen. However, a person who has submitted a full application could still be subject to deportation proceedings during the entire application period. This is why it is imperative for an individual seeking a green card to obtain legal representation to guard against some triggers that may result in a removal proceeding, obtain a green card without undue delay, and ensure that an application is adequately supported in order to be approved.

Visa Applications

A visa is permission to enter the United States. There are temporary and permanent visas and several different grounds for a visa. The most common types of visa applications that we can assist individuals in applying for include the following: – Immediate relative visas – V visas – K-1 visas or fiancé visas – K-3 visas – K-4 visas, and – Other types of visas for individuals, including those seeking to temporarily, seasonally, or permanently work in the United States.

Asylum Applications

Asylum is a type of protection granted to an individual considered a “refugee” and who is already in the United States or at the border. There are several different grounds for asylum, all of which require certain proof. There are also two different types of asylum, which depend on whether you are facing deportation or removal proceedings. The grounds for asylum can be difficult to prove without a lawyer, and the stakes are often very high. It is always a good idea to ask an experienced immigration attorney for help with your asylum application.

Defending Removal Proceedings or Deportation Proceedings

The worst outcome for an individual and family is removal or deportation. This may not only affect one individual, but it could upend an entire family or separate a family. Whenever an individual receives a notice of removal or is facing deportation, calling an experienced immigration law firm in Georgetown, DE, is essential to preserving you and your family’s way of life.

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Individuals and their families seeking a visa, green card, asylum, or who are defending a removal proceeding should rely on a skilled and experienced immigration lawyer such as one of ours at MC Law Group, LLC. We understand the anxiety and worry an individual or family may feel when it comes to applying for certain types of immigration relief.  Please call our office to schedule your free consultation at (215) 496-0690.
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