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When Should I Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

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Our Immigration Lawyer in Philadelphia Explains When to Get Legal Help

When most people think about law, they think about personal injury, contract, divorce, or constitutional law.  But one of the most significant areas of law in the United States is immigration law.  And our Philadelphia immigration lawyers know this is for good reason.  According to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), approximately 830,000 naturalization applications are filed each year in the United States.  The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) reports nearly 2.2 million employment authorization applications are received each year.  Both the DHS and USCIS handle and process 40 million cases, including granting permanent citizenship to roughly 577,000 individuals, granting immigration relief to more than 25,000 individuals, and approving more than 500,000 petitions for non-immigrant workers.

While many of these applicants handle the applications themselves, some find themselves asking when should I hire an immigration lawyer to help with their claim?  That is a tricky question because many individuals coming to the United States may have limited financial means.  Other times individuals coming to the United States may have little if any time to seek a lawyer, often fleeing a dangerous situation at home.  Furthermore, some individuals may even be afraid of the current political climate and wonder whether they could even get an application approved.

If you find yourself thinking about any of these scenarios, you may also need an immigration lawyer to help you like one of our experienced immigration attorneys in Philadelphia, PA, at the MC Law Group, LLC.  Our compassionate and skilled team can help answer your questions and help guide your application through the required legal processes.  We offer a free consultation over the telephone to learn how we can help you today.  Learn more by calling (215) 496-0690.

Should I Ask an Immigration Attorney in Philly for Help?

Many people are resistant to asking a lawyer for help. This could be due to cost, but other individuals coming from other countries may also think that some lawyers are “in” with the government and may turn them into the authorities.  Both of these assumptions are untrue.

First, immigration lawyers can save you time and money.  This is because they can get the application done right the first time to avoid unnecessary costs, expenses, re-filing, hearing, or other avoidable expenses.

Second, when you retain an immigration law firm, you partner with an attorney on your side.  In the United States, your lawyer owes you an attorney-client duty aimed to protect your best interests.  There is no financial incentive for a lawyer to lose a client to the authorities, but instead, there is a financial incentive to help a client’s immigration application.

When to Ask for Help?

There are many reasons when to ask an immigration lawyer for help in Pennsylvania.  Generally, anytime you want to save time and money while protecting your rights, it is a good idea to call an immigration law firm like the MC Law Group, LLC.  Some of the other important reasons include the following:

You Have Received a Deportation or Removal Proceeding Notice

It is not the time to cut corners or save money when you get a deportation or removal proceeding notice.  This is a serious notice that could affect not just you but also family members.  These proceedings often are fast, aggressive, and difficult to administratively or legally reverse.  They need to be done correctly the first time, and hiring a lawyer to help you is the best way to do that.

Your Visa Application Was Denied

If your Visa application was denied, it is hard to get this decision reversed without the help of a lawyer.  If you are already in the United States when this happens, it could also be the start of the removal process.  Always seek legal representation in these situations to ensure your rights are protected.

Your Naturalization/Citizenship Application Was Denied

Whether you are applying for naturalization or a certificate of citizenship, if your application was denied, you will likely need a Philadelphia immigration attorney’s help.  These applications are taken very seriously, and the U.S. government does not easily change its decision.

Your Visa Expired

If you are in the United States and your Visa expired, it is always a good idea to immediately consult with a lawyer like MC Law Group, LLC.  Not handling this situation well could result in the denial of your application and possibly your arrest and deportation.

You Have Difficulty Writing, Reading, Speaking, or Understanding English

Applicants need to demonstrate that they can write, read, speak, and understand English to become citizens.  Although the government does an excellent job providing forms and services in many foreign languages to start this process, some of the more specific legal concepts are simply difficult to understand and translate.  The failure to 1) demonstrate basic English concepts and 2) correctly understand and complete the paperwork are strong reasons why an applicant should seek legal help.

Ask Our Immigration Attorneys in Philadelphia, PA for Help

Anyone seeking a Visa, citizenship, naturalization, or facing a removal proceeding should contact our experienced immigration lawyers at the Law Offices of MC Law Group, LLC. We know how important your immigration application is for you and your family, and we offer consultations to explain your rights and options before you hire us. Learn more by calling (215) 496-0690 or using our contact us box available here to send us a secured message.

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