Green Card Lawyer Vineland, NJ

Relief from Deportation-Green Card and I-601 Waiver

August 31, 2015

M.C. is a 42-year old man from Bangladesh who overstayed his visitor’s visa and was eventually ordered removed from the United States. Although M.C. subsequently married a U.S. citizen, M.C. believed that he could not obtain his green card because of the prior deport order. When M.C. was convicted for an aggravated felony for which he is now serving his criminal sentence, he contacted our offices in the hopes that he would not be deported after serving his criminal sentence.

Our law offices successfully reopened his immigration case despite the prior deport order and despite his aggravated felony conviction. M.C. is eligible to adjust his status, and we are currently filing the necessary documents and I-601 waiver in order to obtain his green card.

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