Green Card Lawyer Vineland, NJ

Chinese Asylum Victory

August 31, 2015

A native of China, client (name withheld for security purposes) fled to the United States in 2007 to escape persecution from the Chinese government as a result of his Falun Gong practices. He sought the services of an immigration lawyer in New York. However, it appears that his lawyer got involved in the mass asylum fraud case (check newspaper articles about this) and he was constrained to seek the services of another counsel.

Not being able to trust anyone in NY after his experience, his friends referred him to our law office a week before his merits hearing. Working against the clock, the associate assigned to his case conducted a careful review of the record. There were barely any supporting documents on file. There seemed to be no concrete evidence of his claim save for affidavits from his parents and other people in China. On behalf of the client, our associate filed updated country conditions and other supporting evidence. As a result of careful case preparation and diligent handling, a decision granting his asylum was finally handed down on June 11, 2014 by an immigration judge in New York.

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