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Immigration Lawyer in Wilmington, DEIndividuals seeking immigration law services have many options. They could try to complete the applications online, but mistakes could cause delays, denials, or even prevent future applications from being successful. Individuals could also rely on document preparation companies or websites, but these services do not help you complete the paperwork or answer your questions. Finally, individuals could rely on an immigration lawyer to help complete paperwork and guide them through the process. While this is often the best course, it can also be expensive and difficult to find a trustworthy lawyer. That is why individuals seeking immigrant law services need to call our immigration attorneys in Wilmington, DE.

Here at MC Law Group, LLC, our compassionate and experienced team offers effective and efficient services at a fair and reasonable price. Our immigration team is dedicated to helping individuals and their families complete the immigration paperwork required so they can get a visa, green card, or asylum. We can also represent individuals and families on appeal or in removal hearings. To learn more about our immigration lawyers, call to schedule a free consultation.

Need a Visa for Work, School, or Any Other Reason? We Can Help

A visa is a temporary authorization to perform certain actions in the United States. Whether to work seasonably or for a project, train or go to school, come to get married, perform at a sporting event or show, or for any other purpose, all individuals will need to apply for and receive a visa before entering the United States. Each type of visa application has different requirements, some being stricter than others. If you or a loved one need to apply for a visa, or if your visa application has been delayed or denied, learn how we can help you and your family obtain a visa.

Looking for a Green Card? We Can Help

A green card is a permanent residence card, allowing individuals to permanently live or work in the United States. There are multiple steps to the application process, most requiring further documentation and reviewing a background check, interview, and sometimes a physical. Some green card applications also require a visa application if you are outside of the United States when you apply. Learn how we can help complete your paperwork and obtain a green card for you and your family.

Need Asylum? Facing Deportation? Other Services We Provide

In addition to the two most common types of immigration law applications, our skilled lawyers also help by rendering several different types of services, including the following:

  • Applying for asylum
  • Defend you in a removal proceeding or at a deportation proceeding
  • Extend your visa application
  • Handle issues if you have been arrested with on visa, green card, or for any other status
  • Represent you if you are held at the U.S. Border, and
  • Perform any other related immigration law services.

Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer? You Can Trust Our Team to Help You

If you or a loved one are looking for an immigration law firm, you should call MC Law Group, LLC.  Our compassionate and experienced immigration lawyers in Wilmington, DE, can help you and your family apply for and obtain whatever types of immigration paperwork that you may need at an effective and reasonable cost. To learn more about our services, please contact our office to schedule your free consultation by calling (215) 496-0690 or by sending us a message on our private and confidential “contact us” box available here.

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