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How Do I Choose a Good Immigration Lawyer Immigration law is one of the most complex areas of law. It is also one of the most rapidly developing and changing areas of law. This combination means that individuals seeking out legal representation for their immigration law issues must choose a skilled and experienced team to help them. Whether an individual is seeking a green card, visa, asylum, defending from removal, or any other type of immigration application, ask our immigration attorneys in Milford, DE, for help. The immigration law firm of MC Law Group, LLC delivers the high-quality, cost-effective, and experienced services that individuals need to successfully navigate immigration law. We have a proven track record of success handling immigration cases from the start by filing your application, to help amend an application, or at the end to appeal or re-submit a denied application. We can also help represent you or your family at a removal hearing or another formal proceeding regarding your immigration status or application. To learn more, please call our office to schedule your free consultation.

Types of Immigration Cases That We Handle

Our experienced immigration lawyers handle a variety of different types of legal issues, including the following:

Green Card Applications

A green card is also known as a permanent resident card, and it is the way to become a permanent United States citizen. There are several different categories that an individual could apply for a green card with, all with different requirements. Some of the requirements are done through paper, but others may require in-person appearances. Having an experienced law firm handle your green card application can avoid delays or denials, including issues that may raise government concerns such as deportation. If you believe you may have an issue applying for permanent residency, always ask for a lawyer’s help.

Visa Applications

Visa applications are one of the most common types of immigration applications. Whether you are a student, looking for work authorization, or are hoping to eventually become a citizen, a visa application is the necessary paperwork that you will need to complete. There are many parts to this form, all of which must be completed to the government’s satisfaction. If you are seeking to apply for a visa, ask an experienced immigration lawyer for help.

Asylum Applications

Asylum is a unique application that is often given extreme scrutiny. As a result, individuals should rely on the help of an experienced immigration law firm to help review their grounds for asylum and submit their application. Unfortunately, most individuals seeking asylum require immediate help. Not only are asylum cases more heavily scrutinized, but there are two different kinds of asylum depending on whether you are facing deportation. Ask our lawyers for help with your application.

Removal Proceedings

Never ignore a notice of removal. If you are scheduled for a removal or deportation proceeding, you must take this very seriously. Not only can this affect you, but it could affect your spouse and children. Always seek legal representation whenever you have been served with a notice of removal or given a date for a removal proceeding. Our lawyers can help prepare you, represent you, and seek your appellate rights if you have been unfairly targeted or subjected to a removal hearing.

Let Our Immigration Law Firm in Milford, DE Help You

Immigration law is complex and difficult. Let our skilled and experienced immigration lawyers in Milford, DE, help you. At MC Law Group, LLC, our compassionate and dedicated immigration team can review your circumstances and evaluate your goals and how you may obtain them under the law. If you or a loved one are in need of immigration law services, please call our office to schedule your free consultation. We are here for you.
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