Employment Visa Lawyer in Vineland, NJ

Employment Visa Lawyer in Vineland, NJ

Are You Coming to the United States to Work? Call Our Employment Visa Lawyer in Vineland, NJ

Employment Visa Lawyer in Vineland, NJIf you are coming to the United States because of work, you will need the correct employment visa to obtain work authorization. Whether you have a current job offer or your job was transferred here, ensuring that your employment visa application is timely and properly submitted can mean more than just obtaining your visa but also keeping your job. Although you do not legally need a lawyer to complete an employment visa application, any mistake in your application can delay processing and adversely impact your job. If you or a loved one is looking to work in the United States, call our experienced employment visa lawyer in Vineland, NJ, for help. Here at MC Law Group, LLC, we know how important it is for workers to get their employment visa applications timely and adequately submitted. Some job offers may have time limits, and delays in submission or processing can affect whether or not you keep your offer. This is why our passionate and experienced team has dedicated their practice to helping individuals obtain work visas and other immigration forms. Please call our office to schedule your free consultation with our team.

Types of Employment Visas

There are several different types of employment visas. It is important that you select the proper one because each has different application requirements. In addition, if you select the improper type, it could result in the denial of your application. This means that your application could be unnecessarily delayed. The types of employment visas that our visa lawyers in Vineland, NJ, could help you apply for and obtain include the following:
  • H-1B – for professionals, academics, or those with special expertise and a college degree or the equivalent in work experience, who have 1) a job offer from a US employer that requires this specialized knowledge, 2) proof of a degree or equivalent experience, and 3) an employer who shows a lack of qualified US applicants for this role
  • H-2A and H2-B – for seasonal or peak load workers, temporary workers in agriculture (H-2A), or non-agriculture (H-2B).
  • H-3 – those seeking training in any endeavor except for graduate or medical school
  • I – for foreign press or media professionals
  • L – temporarily transferring within a company they are already employed in, such as executive/management (L-1A) or in a specialized expertise (L-1B)
  • EB-1 – for priority workers with extraordinary ability, such as exceptional professors, researchers, or other executives
  • EB-2 – professionals with advanced degrees or with exceptional skill and ability
  • EB-3 – skilled and unskilled workers, other professionals, and related individuals
  • EB-4 – special immigrants and workers in niche fields like religious ministers, embassy workers, and other foreign nationals who assisted the US military
  • P – those who excel in performance, athletic, or artistic endeavors (including staff)
  • R – non-immigration religious workers
  • North American Trade Agreement professionals (Canadian and Mexican citizens)

Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer in Vineland, NJ to Submit My Employment Visa?

No, you do not need an immigration attorney to prepare, submit, or handle your employment visa. However, you should know that a lawyer will properly prepare, support, fill out, and submit your application for you. A lawyer can quickly answer questions from immigration and immediately respond to any inquiries. Using a lawyer will ensure that your application is complete, thorough, and has the best chance of success. It is also more likely to have a quicker turnaround. Therefore, while you do not need a lawyer to submit your employment visa application, using a lawyer like one of ours is a way to ensure that your work is both a timely and cost-effective means to obtaining a work visa.

Call MC Law Group, LLC For Help With Your Employment Visa

Coming to work in the United States is an ample opportunity for anyone. Whether your job offer is completely new or a lateral transfer, ensuring that your immigration paperwork is properly filled out and completed will help make this transition less stressful. This is why our visa lawyers in Vineland, NJ, at MC Law Group, LLC have dedicated their careers to helping individuals and their families complete applications for employment visas. To learn more about how we can help you, please call our office to schedule your free consultation.
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