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Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer to Get a Visa?

Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer to Get a Visa

Applying for a Visa in the United States: Do I Need a Visa Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA?

If you are submitting a visa application to the United States, there is conflicting information over whether or not you may need an immigration lawyer. Some websites will tell you yes, you absolutely need a lawyer. Whereas other websites will strongly recommend you do not get a lawyer, but rather just use their document preparation services. This can be confusing for applicants because all you want is to make sure that your visa application is properly submitted, timely processed, and ultimately approved. But to achieve these three goals, while you technically do not need a lawyer, having an experienced immigration attorney in Philadelphia, PA, can give you the best chance of getting what you want.

Here at the immigration law firm of MC Law Group, LLC, our professional and dedicated team is committed to helping individuals and their families with their immigration needs. This includes visas, a large part of our practice where our team is well-trained, skilled and experienced in handling such applications or appeals. We know how important it is for a family to get their paperwork submitted and approved as soon as possible. This is why we offer individualized service which is cost-effective and high-quality. To learn more about how we can help you with your visa application, please call our office to schedule your free consultation.


Do I Need a Lawyer for my Visa Application?

No, the truth is you do not need an immigration attorney. However, having a visa lawyer can make a huge difference in your application. This is because a visa lawyer like ours will ensure that your papers are fully completed, properly supported and timely submitted. We can review any follow-ups or questions from immigration officials, which we will quickly answer.

Not having a lawyer will likely slow you down in completing your application. This is particularly true if you are missing support or if immigration has questions.

Further, if you are not sure whether you may obtain a visa due to some issues with your background or why you are seeking a visa, having a lawyer is practically essential to ensuring that your rights are well-protected. Thus, while some people who may have a clear and easy path to applying for a visa may do so, anyone who has a murkier application should seek legal help.


What NOT to Do When Submitting Your Visa Application

Although a lawyer is not required, there are some other steps that are also not required or recommended. In fact, there are some things that you could do which could hurt your visa application.


Do NOT Use a Document Prep/Legal Form Company

There are endless legal form companies and document prep companies vying for your business, especially if you are a foreigner. Many of these services will overcharge you and underdeliver. Some of the forms they sell you are also available free online already, some even the government provides. There is usually no lawyer, or maybe one lawyer for the whole company, meaning the quality and effectiveness of these forms could be seriously undermined.


Do NOT Leave Blanks in an Application/Required Questions

Immigration will not fill in the blanks for you or help with your application. Any incomplete applications and any required questions that are not answered may result in the complete rejection of your application. In some instances, you may get a request to re-submit or answer a question, but other times your application will get flatly denied.


Do NOT Guess at Questions If You Do Not Understand It

If you do not understand what a question is asking, never guess and try to answer it. Whether it is a language barrier issue or just a question you are unsure of how to answer, always seek legal help to review your question and help guide you with a proper response. If you inappropriately answer a question, not only could it result in your application for a visa being denied, but if you are already in the United States it could also trigger a removal hearing.


Ask Our Visa Lawyers in Philadelphia, PA For Help

Although you do not need a lawyer to complete a visa application, having a lawyer can really help your chances of success. This is particularly true when time is of the essence, and you need your paperwork processed as quickly as possible. Any mistakes you make in submitting a visa application without a lawyer could delay your application when you need to re-complete or fix sections.

Learn how our skilled immigration lawyers in Philadelphia, PA, at MC Law Group, LLC can help you and your family. Please call our office to schedule your free consultation. We are here to help you obtain the results you need in a visa application, and we will guide you on your options throughout the process.

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