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Can You Be Deported if You Are Married to a US Citizen?

Can You Be Deported if You Are Married to a US Citizen

Understanding Your Rights From Our Immigration Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA: Can You Be Deported If You Are Married to a US Citizen?

The widespread impression is that if you marry a United States citizen, you cannot be deported. In fact, some people may even believe that marrying a United States citizen means that you are automatically an American citizen. Unfortunately, neither of these beliefs is true. Our immigration lawyer in Philadelphia, PA, knows that you can be deported if you are married to a US citizen in some instances. It is essential to know when that could occur and how you could be protected to ensure that you and your newly formed family stay together. At the MC Law Group, LLC, our experienced immigration attorneys in Philadelphia, PA, know that these are essential questions to get answered. The current political climate can make it intimidating for individuals and their families who are seeking US citizenship. While marrying a US citizen is an important step to protecting your family, that is not the only step necessary. If you or your loved one are facing deportation or have questions after getting married in the United States, call our office to schedule your free consultation at (215) 496-0690.

What Marrying a US Citizen Does

Marrying a United States citizen is a common way to obtain a green card or a Permanent Citizen Card. Under immigration law, an individual may be eligible to apply for permanent US citizenship when he or she is a spouse of a United States citizen. While other categories of eligibility require some extra steps or proof, marrying a citizen is the only step necessary to establish eligibility under this category.

Does Marrying a US Citizen Automatically Make You A Citizen?

No, it does not. While marrying a US citizen automatically makes you eligible to apply for a green card, it does not make you automatically a US citizen. Rather, individuals who marry a US citizen will still need to apply for a green card and satisfy the application requirements for naturalization. The naturalization process can take several months or even over a year, during which time you are not a US citizen even though you have married a citizen and applied.

Can You Be Deported if You Married a US Citizen?

It depends. You cannot be deported if you are legally a US citizen who has lawfully applied for and received citizenship through naturalization on truthful pretenses. However, you can be deported if you married a US citizen but have not been naturalized yet. You could even be deported if you have married and applied for a green card but have not had your application finalized yet to receive a conditional green card. Although there is usually a strong argument to make during a removal hearing, that is not guaranteed.

The Truth About Marrying a US Citizen

But the truth is that an individual who has married a US citizen but has not become a US citizen themselves could be deported or face removal proceedings if detained by ICE or law enforcement. This means individuals who are in the country illegally could face deportation.

 Proving Your Marriage for a Green Car

Although the process to become a permanent citizen is easier in this category, you will still have to establish lawful entry into the US (or submit a waiver), you are legitimately married (not a scam or fraudulent wedding for citizenship), you have proof of income, and you can pass a medical examination. All of these steps can add time to your application process before you are protected from deportation.

Are You Facing Deportation or Removal Proceedings After Marrying a US Citizen? Ask Us for Help.

If you are planning to marry a US citizen or if you have already married a US citizen, ensure that your full rights under US law are protected with the help of our experienced immigration lawyers at MC Law Group, LLC in Philadelphia, PA. We offer a FREE consultation to learn what your legal rights may be and what you need to do to obtain citizenship and protection from deportation. Dial (215) 496-0690 to schedule your consultation today.
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