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Firm Overview – Pennsylvania Immigration Lawyers

Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers Dealing Exclusively in Immigration Law — Green Card, Visa, Deportation, and Citizenship


The Law Offices of MC Law Group, LLC is a full-service law firm that offers a wide range of knowledge and experience in all types of US visas – family, employment, business, student, fiancée, and visitor, Green card, Citizenship, and Asylum applications. The Firm’s seasoned and motivated attorneys are highly proficient in practicing and appearing before the Department of Homeland Security and its components – USCIS and USICE; the Immigration Courts; the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA); and the judicial courts of all levels, including the District Courts and Circuit Courts, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Having years of experience in the practice of immigration law, the Firm had its humble beginnings in 2001. The Firm has now expanded ever since to include seven attorneys and over a dozen secretaries and paralegals. In 2005, the Firm opened a satellite office located in Reading, PA. The vision of the Firm has never ceased to evolve. We are state of the art in the areas of communication along with computer and digital technologies.

Ever desirous to serve our clientele in all aspects of the law, our attorneys recognized the importance of establishing a criminal Law division to handle the multitude of problems that immigration clients and regular citizens face. Whether the issue is a City, State, or Federal matter, we are experienced in all areas of law, including Traffic Court, homicide, drug indictments, and more. The firm is prepared to assist and stand by its clients throughout the course of any and all proceedings.

At the Law Offices of MC Law Group, LLC, we provide you with legal services that focus exclusively in Immigration Law. We can help you attain a green card or visa, whether you’re looking for business visas, student visas, family visas or visitor visas. Problems obtaining citizenship or fighting deportation can be swiftly resolved by working with an immigration lawyer who understands your needs. Our unique focus on immigration makes us uniquely skilled at solving the type of problems you’re encountering.

Acquiring a green card can create family unity for you and your loved ones. Additionally, a visa or green card opens the door to good jobs, so you can better provide for your wife and children.

Maneuvering through complicated legal barriers and administrative roadblocks can be difficult, especially if English isn’t your native language. That’s why we provide a multi-lingual staff so you can get help from someone who speaks your language. Many of our staff are immigrants who have been through the same immigration obstacles you’re going through now. We understand how to help you.

While skilled at handling individuals, we are also experts in immigration law as it applies to corporations. In today’s dynamic global economy we need to recognize the diversity in our workforce. Much of the workforce driven by foreign labor requires the support of a good immigration lawyer, who completely understands the ins and outs of the U.S. legal system. Expedient acquisitions of green cards or visas for your employees increase the bottom line — and keep your business moving forward.

Feel free to contact our Philadelphia immigration lawyers or call us at 215-496-0690 for legal advice or to answer any questions about immigration law or obtaining a green card, visa, citizenship or deportation.

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