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Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer to Apply for a Green Card?

Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer to Apply for a Green Card

Knowing When to Get Help: Our Immigration Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA Explains When To Get Help for Green Card Applications

One of the most common immigration applications is a green card. It is also one of the most complicated types of applications because there are many different grounds to apply and many different requirements that need to be proven to succeed. Mistakes in handling a green card application can also result in prolonged delays in the review of the application, or could also result in a denial that may affect future applications. If you are looking to submit a green card application, ask our experienced immigration attorneys in Philadelphia, PA, for help.

Individuals looking to apply for and obtain a green card should contact an experienced immigration lawyer in Philadelphia, PA. Here at MC Law Group, LLC, our compassionate and skilled team can walk you through the process and handle the application for you and your family members. We can also respond to inquiries from the government agency handling your application, and represent you during any interviews, hearings, or appeals. If you or a loved one need a green card, learn more about our law firm by contacting us together to schedule a free appointment.

What is a Green Card?

A green card is known as a permanent residence card. There are many different ways to obtain a green card, known as through the green card eligibility categories. Different eligibility categories have different application requirements. They also have different processes, including physicals, interviews, etc. Individuals who apply for a green card will need to select the right eligibility category and then complete the right paperwork.

Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer to Apply for a Green Card?

No, you do not.

There are no legal requirements that mandate you to obtain a lawyer to complete your green card application. Many people do try to submit a green card application on their own, and some are successful. However, some are not. Individuals that are not successful may have difficulty appealing their decision or submitting a new application either now or in the future.

When Should I Get an Immigration Lawyer for my Green Card?

Generally, individuals who are seeking to come to the United States either temporarily or permanently should immediately contact an immigration lawyer to help learn what steps they need to take. When it comes to a green card, individuals should immediately contact an immigration lawyer before they start the application process.

There are some factors that individuals and families should also consider when applying for a green card. This includes the following:

  • Do I need the application now or can I wait?
  • Have I been denied before?
  • Do I have a criminal record?
  • Have I or any of my family members been deported or faced removal proceedings?
  • Do I understand the application and the process?
  • Do I need help?
  • Was more information requested of me?
  • Am I unsure of what category to apply for?
  • And any other questions that you may have with your application.

Call Our Immigration Law Firm if You Need a Green Card

Individuals who need a green card should contact our experienced immigration lawyers in Philadelphia, PA, to schedule a free consultation to learn more about how we can help them. Our compassionate team understands how important it is for you and your family to get your application handled property and submitted in a timely fashion. Call us today for help by dialing (215) 496-0690 or by sending us a message on our private and confidential “contact us” box available here.

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